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AHEC Highlight

January 2020

Xeng Vang

C.H.I.P. Alum 2019

UW-Milwaukee, Microbiology Major

What impact has Milwaukee AHEC had in your life? 

I was part of UW-Madison's RUSCH Program's 2019 Cohort and I was given the opportunity to work with the Milwaukee Health Department and the Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health during the Community Health Internship Program in the summer of 2019. 

AHEC has impacted me in a number of positive ways. Over the summer, I learned about social inequalities, health disparities, and issues that affect the quality of life for many people. AHEC allowed me to see and understand the issues that we, as future health professionals must undertake. Needless to say, AHEC has provided me with a platform to begin tackling these problems that affect our communities and the necessary tools to do so. 

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