AHEC Highlight
December 2021

de Guzman_headshot.jpg

Timothy de Guzman

Community Health Internship Program (CHIP) 2021

MD Candidate, Medical College of Wisconsin 2024

What impact has Milwaukee AHEC had in your life? 

"I came into Milwaukee AHEC through the CHIP summer program. Through CHIP, I have built a deeper understanding for—and respect towards— the many different roles in healthcare.


One particular moment that stood out to me involved working with a graduating cohort of community health workers. I was so inspired to hear how one trainee was able to use her life experience to inform her work at the Transitions Clinic Network, addressing the unique health and social needs of individuals returning from jail or prison.


CHIP’s focus on interdisciplinary team-building has lead me to reflect upon the wholistic view of a patient and the multiple avenues through which to address the health of a community."

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