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Community Health Immersion
(formerly WI Express)


Since the mid-1990s, AHEC Community Health Immersion (formerly WI Express) has given undergraduate and graduate health profession students the unique opportunity to connect with the diverse communities and cultures of Wisconsin, exploring health care delivery and public health in medically underserved areas. This well-known experience is now integrated into our AHEC Scholars program, and we invite students outside of the program to join our sessions as room allows.


Multidisciplinary groups explore different regions' cultural diversity and healthcare, developing strategies for intercultural and inter-professional effectiveness in healthcare practice. Throughout the program, participants have opportunities to reflect on and evaluate their experiences.

Activities vary by site and may include:

  • Experiential and interactive learning in groups

  • Participation in community activities

  • Access to healthcare organizations behind the scenes

  • Conversations about life in the community and region

  • Interactions with practitioners in primary and public healthcare

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