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Director of CHW Operations


Director of CHW Operations
Harvey Padek

Harvey is responsible for managing the Community Health Workers Program, the Aging Mastery Program and developing community partnerships. He is also a Health and Wellness Consultant for the Greater WI Agency on Aging Resources.


Harvey began his career in the automobile business over 41 years ago. Throughout the years, he has become a strong advocate for health and wellness, particularly healthy aging. He is a master trainer for the Living Well with Chronic Conditions and Healthy Living with Diabetes high-level evidence-based programs. Harvey recently became a facilitator for NCOA's Aging Master Program (AMP) and has recently implemented AMP in the Milwaukee area. 

In addition to educating older adults, Harvey is the Treasurer for the Wisconsin Institute of Healthy Aging board and serves as President of the Post-Polio Resource Group of Southeast Wisconsin.

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